Visual Identity Design

Before starts with visual identity design, you need to understand what is brand or branding. A brand is a connection between an organization and its focused customers or users. Brand identity is all about how the organization communicates with the audience with visual elements like Image, Shape, Color and Text. Visual Identity Design is also related to graphic design but the main focus is to work for a brand.

Visual identity designer most of the time works with stakeholders to improve the brand quality. Everything starts with the Logo, it is the most important stage of brand identity, you start creating the Typography, Color pallets, Image, stationery, and promotional materials

The designer usually amplifies the visual branding guideline for the company that represents a brand personality, the visual identity is one the most common type of design in branding.

A career as a visual identity Designer, you must know all type of graphic design concepts. Demand to have excellent communication and conceptual thinking because you are going to work with business owners and you need to have a passion for researching the about the industry or organization you are going to work. on top of all, you need to have an outstanding creative skill.

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