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UX Usability Research on Ticket Kiosk

Both machines lying Worthless at Chennai Central station

Unserviceable Machines at Chennai by IRCTC

The launch of the machine was with hype but now it was neglected. Automated Ticket Vending Machine (ATVMs) was launched to cut the commuters queue; however, the machine was an absolute failure due to access restriction. ATVMs vends tickets through the smart card so rushing commuters are not willing to use a card and instead, they prefer 15 minutes queue. It helps only seasonal travellers to use a smartcard to buy tickets and fails to provide the same to occasional.

Unlike the app, the smart card-operated machines remain largely unused in the stations. Personal aid and appreciation needed for the commuters or else everyone will be in great straits.

Survey and User Interviews

User Interview 1​

According to the survey and interviews, commuters are interested to use ATVMs but usability restrictions make them annoying. Commuters will be happy if the machines accept cash to vend tickets.

User Interview 2

Barcode payment: In this digital era ministry can introduce scan and payment options to the commuters. If it is implemented in the suburban stations ATVMs machine will be a big success and 90% of the passengers will be benefited in a day.

User Interview 3

Train Timing: while booking the ticket people should get a train timing option so that queue inquiry will get reduce.

User Interview 4

Inadequacy: Mechanical error is the main reason for not getting a proper reputation for these ATVMs. When the user try to vend a ticket, the machine does not work on time or machine is consciously turned off by commercial clerks this is because of the fear of losing their jobs . Article Times of India View 


Staff operating the machine with a smart card and stray dogs at the Tambaram station.

Eagerly awaiting the change!

The project was done by

Rakesh Sharma

UX UI Designing Course at #BIOD

Ajay Gowtham

UX UI Designing Course at #BIOD