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UX UI Designing Course

The UX Designing Course will teach principles in UX, usability and interactive design. Evolve the skills and knowledge to deliver better UX for websites and mobile app. UI design is very important for mobile applications. If your app is competing for attention in an app store, it has to capture users instantly. If you have a competition, your app has to be more user-friendly. in this UX UI Designing course, you will learn Research, Persona, Crete flow, wireframe and visual elements for UI Designing.

UX UI Designing
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User Experience Design - Level 1

      • What is an User Experience
      • Why it matters
      • Design’s fundamental principles
      • Why user experience is important
      • UX UI Project Design Process
      • Waterfall / Agile Process model
      • Status analysis
      • Stakeholder Input
      • Roles and responsibilities
      • Problem Analyzing 
      • Solution
      • Research basics
      • Research techniques
      • Research analysis
      • Personas
      • The empathy map
      • Ideation

User Experience Design - Level 2

      • Visualization
      • UX Story Writing 
      • Flow and Interaction
      • Decision points
      • Conditions
      • Errors finding
      • Task Flows
      • What is Wireframing
      • Wireframing essentials
      • Processing Sketching
      • Digital wireframes
      • Responsive design
      • Wireframes vs Prototypes
      • Mobile Navigation Patterns
      • A/B testing
      • Usability testing
      • Testing approach

User Interface Design Level 1

      • What is User Interface?
      • Evolution of user interfaces
      • Role of UI in UX
      • Laws of digital interface design
      • Color usage basics
      • Importance of color in accessible design
      • Primary & Secondary UI Color
      • Types of typefaces
      • Typography Terminology
      • Choosing Fonts
      • Guidelines for proper type selection
      • Styling Text
      • Pairing Fonts
      • Analyzing Aesthetics
      • Alignment
      • Spacing
      • Lighting & Shadows
      • Grids
      • Consistency

User Interface Design Level 2

      • Google Material Platforms
      • Apple HCD guidelines
      • Measurements of UI
      • Mobile, Web, Tablet, Responsive, Watch
      • Style guides and its importance
      • Creating a sample style guide
      • High-fidelity designs for Mobile, Web (
      • Creating high-fidelity prototypes
      • Importance of usability testing
      • Heuristic evaluation and it’s rules for optimal usability
      • Gathering insights and iterating
      • A/B testing
      • Click stream analysis
      • Design research
      • Understanding client’s brand
      • Creating Interactive Prototype 
      • Presenting you Landing page for APP
      • Exporting files for Development   

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