Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing Course in Chennai

Graphic design is the method of visual communication into various means. A Graphic Designer hence is someone who does their creative skills to turn client needs into the visual brand. Graphic Designers are required to increase and promote platforms or designs so that clients can communicate with their customers in the most powerful way.

Who is the course for?

  • Anyone that has an interest in learning more about the graphic design process.
  • A career in graphic design is open to graduates of discipline


  • After you have successfully completed the project, you will be able to receive an Approved Certificate of Achievement.


  • Graphic Design Industry overview
  • Definition of graphic design
  • History of written communication
  • Understanding Designer Role
  • Design Elements and Principles.
  • Strengthening the Concept’s Design
  • Introduction to Designing Software
  • Evolution of the Alphabet
  • Font families, Font anatomy and Type principles.
  • How to Illustrate the Basic Type Families
  • Typographic Tools
  • Basic Terms
  • Color Temperature
  • Color Schemes
  • Lighting and Shadows Theory
  • Create Your Own Color Palettes
  • Color Harmonies
  • Colors in Design and Advertising
  • Photoshop CC Overview
  • Interface and Image Basics
  • Basic and Advanced Selection
  • Working with layers
  • Adjusting image Color
  • Photographic Composition
  • Retouching and Restoration
  • RAW Conversion
  • Color Grading
  • Web Design With Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop Animations
  • Digital Painting Basic
  • Working with Plugins
  • Advance Exporting
  • Raster Vs Vector Graphics
  • Illustrator CC Overview
  • Interface Overview
  • Illustrator Fundamentals & Basics
  • Colors, Appearance
  • Drawing Tools & Techniques
  • Illustrator Brushes
  • Design with Images
  • Typography in Illustrator
  • Advanced Techniques & Tricks
  • Setting Up for Print
  • Exporting Artwork
  • Introduction to Print Publishing and e Publishing
  • InDesign CC Overview
  • Page and Master Pages
  • Managing and Formatting Text
  • Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
  • Color and Swatches
  • Images and graphics
  • Creating PDF Files
  • Publishing
  • Interactive Documents
  • Introduction to Printing Design
  • Types of Printing overview
  • CorelDRAW Overview
  • Understanding Workspace
  • Understanding Dockers
  • Using the Toolbox/using Color
  • Using Rulers, Grids, and Guidelines
  • Drawing and Editing Objects
  • Bitmap and Vector Effects
  • Working with Fonts
  • Color Separation
  • Setting Up a Multi-Page Layout
  • Exporting Files for Printing

Graphic Design Course Duration & Price

Start Date

Open Enrollment


3 Months

Class Type



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Kathir G resan
Kathir G resan
11:10 14 Oct 19
I'm studying UI/UX course in BUFF Institute. I selected this institute because of Uday Sir's teaching skill and his friendly guidance. He gives me more idea and motivation about designing.. so, it makes me to get more confidence in my designing interest! Classroom and lab facilities makes me to study and practice comfortably for more more
Ajay Gowtham
Ajay Gowtham
10:04 26 Sep 19
Ajay from kilpauk, am a graphic designer and i wanted to upgrade my skills in UX/UI. I was very keen to find the best institute as my previous institute was a disappointing one. While surfing just came across buff you tube channel, got impressed and visited Mr. Udhay in person,spoke with him and came to know about his stuff. Now Mr. Udhay stuff is the main reason for me to travel from kilapuk to more
Karthik Jayagopi
Karthik Jayagopi
03:54 26 Sep 19
I am working in a business presentation firm. I joined BUFF to enhance my design skills and I am sure that it is an apt place for design profession. Instructor Udhay is technically sound and very patient to ensure that everyone gains the knowledge, even with minute detailsread more
10:03 21 Sep 19
I have been studying (UX Designing) at BIOD for 4 months. This institute is a good journey for me!. Now am came with a good design skills and knowledge. Place - A great place to start your Design carrier. Best & peaceful place to Learn. Tutor - Excellent Institution with best skilled Tutor. Teaching - Sir, have more than 10+ years in the design field (Teaching) and he will teach you both Practical and theory methods. Efficient - Highly Efficient in all aspects of Design course. I recommend my people who are willing to Learn Design can join in BIOD guys!!read more
shanmuga vel
shanmuga vel
11:28 20 Sep 19
Hi, Myself Shanmugavel. I am getting trained as a Graphic Designer in BUFF INSTITUTE OF DESIGN. First of all i would like to share about Mr.UDHAYA sir.he is not only a trainer for me but also a mentor, very helping minded, one who understands a students weakness and train him to strengthen the same. His unique way of teaching skills and strategies is one of his strength, for Eg: If you edit a photo in Photoshop, my mentor would suggest me not to download from Google, but to take and edit from institute camera. Then only the illumination when the photo is taken and the light and color difference visible after the edit. About Institute Buff Institute is a fully loaded hub for a web designer to get flourished in his career which includes training in graphical, web & works, Photoshop, illustrator, coral draw etc., This is a small VIJAY TV (vijay television) How Vijay TV workers work to develop their skills and take it to the next level. As well as studying in this institute, they will definitely move towards the students career development.its true. Many students will join in an Institute with the name and fame of that Institute. But as per BUFF is concerned, it's the skills and experience of the tutor which makes a student to join and explore. BUFF is not only training and developing, but also showing path for a candidate's career development by placements more
thomas sagayaraj
thomas sagayaraj
11:09 20 Sep 19
Hi, this is Thomas i am doing UX UI design right now. Mr. Udhay is a head of this institution who teach us everything right from scratch and also covers advanced softwares which is alien to the industry but effective . Much pleased with his way of teaching. Buff institute .... is an ideal and exclusive place for more
Vijay N
Vijay N
12:12 03 Sep 19
I doing an graphics design in the institute and instructor have a good friendliness and good way to training the student...,and right place to improve a skill and knowledge about designread more
Murali Dharan
Murali Dharan
05:39 27 May 19
Good place to grow your designing skills to high level
Anton T
Anton T
05:24 27 May 19
I'm Anton (Graphic Designer)from Kalpakkam coming all the way from Kalpakkam to Urapakkam my passion is on designing but my situations made me to work in another firm. I thought to resign my job and to chase my passion so I went many designing institute all over Chennai so called top rated schools but all are having the motive only on commercial purpose. And finally I reached Buff institute of design.once I spoke with Mr. Udayalingam the founder and the only instructor of the buff he cleared all my doubts and he is very clear in his passion on designing the designers. I'm happy that I choose the best institute  I was quite impressed with the entire process. The facility was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity. We can use the high speed internet once we are in buff. Multiple windows PCs and Apple PC for ur designing growth. Mr. Udayalingam the trainer who never treat as like the student teacher relationship but more than he treats as like a deginer from the 1st day So from the beginning we will feel like a designer Our instructor was an expert and was very clear in his method of teaching. He was extremely knowledgeable, willing to help any student at anytime, with any questions. Mr. Uday has a passion for his students to succeed in and beyond the classroom. I was encouraged to think for myself.  The instructor was available for individual discussion. The best instructor all the way to your career I would definitely recommend Buff institute of design for ur designing more
Kirubanandan Swaminathan
Kirubanandan Swaminathan
02:58 27 May 19
Good Place to learn, Very focused and well organised. Perfect place to upgrade ourselves
mohamed thariq
mohamed thariq
16:56 26 May 19
Im Doing Graphic Designing in BIOD Buff Institute of Design I have Seen Many Institute But BIOD is Class Apart This is the Only Place Where We Can Learn Practice and Deliver Graphic Designing in a Professional way. Mr.Udayalingam is my Trainer for Graphic Designing He Has 15+ Years of Practical Experience In Graphic Designing and Teaching it to Students in a Comprehensive Way... If You are Interested is on Graphic Designing or UX Design or UI Design BIOD is The Right Place to Get Trained In Professional more
karthikeyan kannan
karthikeyan kannan
13:37 10 Mar 19
It was an awesome experience to learn freely and friendly. Gud place to gain a knowledge.
gopi nath
gopi nath
07:41 08 Mar 19
one of the best institute in chennai and best place to explore .Trainer is very professional and friendly .
jagan jagan
jagan jagan
11:23 05 Mar 19
Hi it's Jagan. I am doing graphics design course in BIOD. I am residing in perambur. I have many institute in my area, but I am coming to this institute which is located in Urapakkam. The trainer Udayalingam is best because that's the reason I came here all way to urapakkam and doing course. He gives ample of time for practice and of course Saturday's and Sunday's you are allowed to come to institute and practice. He doesn't shows his face off for even silly doubts. I personally recommend everyone to join course in his institute since it is the best out of other institutes. He teach us from the basic and make us a Pro. You will have a lot of time to learn. Best institute in more
Abdul Kadher
Abdul Kadher
11:18 05 Mar 19
I am Abdul doing Graphics designer. Good creatives and Different things. Wonderful trainer Mr. Udhailingam, Good experience person and Good knowledge share for every student. India the first only one trainer in all more
Phavithra Dhanasekar
Phavithra Dhanasekar
05:50 04 Feb 19
Right place to start your designing career. Trainer is very passionate and knowledgeable. They even have apple machines for sketch training along with multiple windows machines. Almost two months into UI designing course, the learning curve is great so more
G.S Ahamed
G.S Ahamed
20:43 19 Oct 18
"BUFF INSTITUTE OF DESIGN" is a prominent place to learn illustrious and Web designing and more plus they give experience to do it professionally.
marshall mathew
marshall mathew
18:39 19 Oct 18
Buff tuts are the best forever.. for everyone can easily understand in Tamil. Mr.udhay way of teaching is amazing.
Ujval Chopra
Ujval Chopra
13:44 19 Oct 18
The faculty at BUFF Institute of Design, Mr. Uday, is very friendly and highly qualified. He trained us not only technically but also keeping current trends and requirements of the market in mind. All the technical skills learnt here have helped me greatly in my professional path. If you are looking for a serious career in the field of Graphic Designing, then this is the right place to gain wholesome knowledge about the field and it's more
Sathish Kumar Seethapathi
Sathish Kumar Seethapathi
13:16 19 Oct 18
One of the best designing class and exordinary Teaching.. sir I watched more video in YouTube it really valuable for designing students
Saroj Mohan
Saroj Mohan
13:11 19 Oct 18
Buff Institute of Design helps me in learning every little nuances of design. Great work.
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