Diploma in UX UI Design

You are reading this as a result of your career matters to you. And UX UI Design could be a nice career selection. It’s a singular mixture of attitude, technology, and design. It’s satisfying, rewardable and significant work. And graphic design skills are in demand.

Designing the Designer

Become a pacesetter in your trade by enhancing into an Certified UX UI Designer.

Hours of Theory
Hours of Practical

How you will learn?

Whether you’re completely new to the Design Industry, or you have some design experience, or you’ve already started working as a designer, this course is ideal foryou. The Professional Diploma in UX UI Design & UI Animation has been developed to help you build a successful career.

What will you get from the course?

  • You’ll learn to think like a designer , adopt the mindset that makes design.
  • You’ll have the confidence that comes from a true, deep understanding .
  • You’ll have job-ready skills and a portfolio of work to prove it.
  • You’ll have an authorized diploma, a globally recognized qualification.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will become a Certified Professional Graphic Designer.


Diploma in UX UI Design & UI animation

    • Introduction to UX Design
      • Origin of User Experience
      • Why it matters
      • The intersection of Design, Business and Life
      • UX Design Approaches 
    • User research
      • Research basics
      • Product Research
      • Research techniques
      • Cultural Problem
      • User Scenario
      • Contextual Inquiry
      • Research analysis
    • UX Process model
      • Waterfall Process
      • Agile Process
    • Design thinking
    • Design principles
    • Persona
      • User Persona
      • Persona Templates
      • Empathy mapping 
    • Affinity Mapping 
    • Information architecture
    • Flow Designing
      • Create a State flow
      • Create a User flow
    • Wireframing sketching
    • Wireframe Flow and Testing
    • Low-fidelity prototyping
    • Mobile interaction
    • Web app interaction
    • Testing 
    • Project to portfolio
    • Introduction to UI Design
    • Roles and responsibility of UI Design
      • Evolution of user interfaces
      • Laws of digital interface design
    • Designing process
    • Brands and product guidelines
    • Visual design principles
    • Visual grammar
    • Typography
      • Types of typefaces
      • Typography Terminology
      • Text Anatomy
      • Choosing Fonts for UI
      • Guidelines for proper type selection
      • Styling Text
      • Pairing Fonts 
    • Iconography and imagery
      • Study of icons and their evolution
      • Icon usage guidelines
      • Icon creation using grids
      • Creating Product Icons
    • Design languages
      • Google material platforms
      • Material design guideline
      • Apple HCD guidelines
      • Mobile, Web, Tablet, Responsive, Watch
      • Style guides and its importance
    • Mobile app layout
    • Web app layout
    • Interactive design
    • Prototyping
    • Presenting design
    • Working with UI developer
    • Project into portfolio
    • Digital Animation 
    • Animation principles
    • Types of Animation 
    • Icon Animation 
    • Animation Prototype 
    • Interaction animation

Certification assessment

  • The duration of the exam is 150 minutes.
  • A range of different question formats is used, including text-based multiple-choice, image-based multiple-choice, matching and hot spot questions. This helps ensure the credibility and value of the qualification that you’ll receive.
  • The assessment is based on a classroom examination. It will measure your knowledge and UX UI Design and UI Design expertise following completion of all lessons and submission of your course project work.

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