Animation Design Course

Animation Design Course in Chennai

The animation  Designing Course will teach principles of Animation and Motion graphic animations .  

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Animation Designer

Learn the fundamentals with our Advance Animation Course 

Module 1 - Video Editing

  • What is Video Editing and Film Editing 
  • History of Video Editing
  • Video Standards & Resolution 
  • Understanding Camera angles
  • Type of Editing Software 
  • Introduction to Workspace
  • Working with projects
  • Timeline Editing 
  • Importing Footage and Assets
  • Animation with With Timeline 
  • Editing Effects
  • Video Transition
  • Creating Title
  • Audio Editing and Transiting 
  • Recording Audio  
  • Exporting Videos 

Module 2 - Animation

  • What is Animation 
  • Types of Animation
  • Introduction to Adobe Animate 
  • Navigating the workspace
  • Using the drawing tools
  • Working with symbols and the Library
  • Understanding Animation Principle
  • Creating basic animation
  • Creating Icon Animation 
  • UI Animation Principal 
  • Loading and importing files
  • Controlling animation
  • Reviewing Animate essentials
  • Managing content with scenes and masks
  • Effects, filters and transforms
  • Publishing to more platforms
  • Publishing to desktop, Web and mobile

Module 3 - Motion Graphic Animation

  • Digital video basics
  • Digital media management
  • After Effects user interface
  • Layers and compositing
  • Keyframes and motion paths
  • Working with and animating text
  • Working with 3D effects
  • Advanced Visual Effects Workflow
  • Chroma Keying
  • Motion Tracking & Stabilization
  • 3D Camera Tracking
  • Advanced Color Correction & Adjustments
  • Rotoscoping & Render Queue
  • Effects 
  • Rendering and exporting projects

Animation Design Tools

Premiere Pro

After Effects

Animate CC

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